South West Falls Victim to More Avoidable Injuries

A baby being treated at the Royal Cornwall Hospital is reported to be the latest victim of an avoidable injury caused in hospital, at a time when healthcare in the South West is coming under increasing criticism for failings in care.

A Serious Incident Report commissioned by the hospital has revealed that the infant was undergoing an x-ray when the radiographer exposed them to higher levels of radiation than required. The review found that the radiographer had not been adequately trained and was unfamiliar with the exposure levels appropriate for children.

This example of poor training leading to errors comes just days after the 111 service for the South West was criticised by the Care Quality Commission for failing to properly refer patients on for treatment due to overworked and under trained staff –

It has not been reported what the effect may be on the baby involved, but excessive radiation exposure can lead to cancer, sickness and skin conditions.

If you or anyone know is concerned about errors in treatment that may have led to harm, contact our specialist clinical negligence team on 0800 316 8892, or make an enquiry online.