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A responsible business: where ESG values drive our legal practice

We believe we all have the power to create positive change as individuals but also with the added impact we can provide as a legal firm. That’s why we’re proud to incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into every aspect of our firm’s operations and legal services.

Our commitment to ESG goes beyond mere compliance; it’s about fostering a responsible business culture and minimising our impact on the environment as well as adding value to the communities we work in – both internally with our colleagues and externally in the wider community..

Environmental Responsibility

We understand the urgent need to protect our planet and mitigate the impacts of climate change. That’s why we take proactive steps to reduce our carbon footprint, minimise waste, and promote sustainable practices within our firm. From reviewing our property portfolio, implementing energy-efficient technologies in our offices to educating our people, we are dedicated to preserving the environment for future generations.

We’re delighted to demonstrate our commitment by putting in place ambitious, targets for us to work towards.

Our commitment to net zero

Social & Community Impact

As a firm our actions can have far-reaching social consequences. That’s why we prioritise striving to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and empowered to succeed.

As a professional practice our people are at the core of our business. It is crucial to the overall wellbeing of our business that our people are treated fairly, with respect and are given the opportunity to nurture and develop their skills.

We’re committed members of a variety of initiatives both for professional services and other targeted industries. Our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) committee meets regularly to raise awareness and educate ourselves as well as supporting and influencing other groups on how we can all have a greater impact and improve what we do.

As a firm we actively engage with our local communities through volunteering and partnerships with non-profit organisations.

Our key community strategy is focusing on improving social mobility to support those preparing for the world of work. We have partnered with the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF), who aims to level the playing field for students with the ability and ambition to flourish academically and in the world of work, but who lack the opportunities and networks to help them get there. At Clarke Willmott we’re able to share our experience to help with mentoring, CV’s and job applications and employability skills with these young people.

In addition, each of our seven regional offices want to have an impact closer to home too and are engaged with their local communities on projects where they can add social value.

Governance Excellence

Upholding the highest standards of governance is fundamental to our firm’s integrity and reputation. We maintain transparent and ethical business practices and adhere to regulatory requirements. By building on the strength of our great people we continue to foster the culture of accountability and integrity among our colleagues. Our governance framework ensures we uphold the trust placed in us by our clients, partners, and stakeholders, driving long-term value and sustainability.

Making a Difference Together

We believe success is measured not only by financial performance but also by the positive impact we have on society. By integrating ESG principles into our business strategy, we aim to create value for everyone we engage with, including our clients, employees, communities, and the environment.

Together, we can build a more just, sustainable, and resilient future for generations.

Our people

We believe that how we treat each other is the foundation of the experience that our clients receive. We’re proud of the feedback we get from colleagues about their working relationships and environment.

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