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Motorbike accident claims

Making a motorcycle accident compensation claim

Our dedicated personal injury solicitors have many years’ experience claiming compensation for motorbike riders seriously injured in traffic accidents and the families of fatally injured bikers.

We understand all the legal aspects of motorbike accidents, the vulnerability of motorcyclists on the road and the devastating consequences of other drivers’ mistakes.

So, if you or a loved one has been seriously or fatally injured in a collision caused by someone else’s negligence, call 0800 316 8892 or contact us online for a free initial consultation to discuss your claim with a solicitor who specialises in motorbike accident claims.

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Types of motorbike accident claim

For motorbike accident claims, you will need to have evidence that another person, company or organisation was “negligent”. Negligence simply means that someone else was at least partly to blame for the accident.

We regularly pursue claims for motorcyclists where the police have not prosecuted any other driver, so even if you’re not sure whether you have a valid claim, contact us today so we can consider your case.

Some typical examples of the negligence involved in motorbike accident claims are:

  • Speeding or driving too quickly for the road conditions, e.g. rain, snow, ice or mud
  • Not being observant or driving while distracted, e.g. failing to notice your motorbike when filtering, pulling out in front of you or using a mobile phone whilst driving
  • Not following the rules of the road, e.g. not obeying traffic lights or give way signs
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving a defective vehicle, e.g. worn brake pads or tyres
  • Spillages on the road that were not cleared up appropriately
  • Potholes and other defects in the road surface
  • Opening car doors without checking for motorcycles

Here are some of the serious injuries we have helped motorbike riders or their loved ones claim compensation for:

Expert motorbike accident solicitors dedicated to your claim

Your recovery from injury will most likely be your biggest priority. We can help you bring a motor bike compensation claim and gain access to the best possible treatment and vital rehabilitation services to maximise your recovery.

When you choose Clarke Willmott, your dedicated personal injury solicitor will put your needs and welfare at the centre of everything they do, including:

  • Contacting the insurers of the person responsible for the accident on your behalf.
  • Seeking the maximum compensation you deserve.
  • Thoroughly investigating the accident if the insurer does not admit liability, e.g. reviewing the police report, evidence from the scene, CCTV and dashcam footage, interviewing witnesses and obtaining reports from independent accident reconstruction experts.
  • Wherever possible, seeking early interim payments of damages to alleviate financial hardship and fund rehabilitation.
  • Getting some of the country’s leading independent experts in their fields to review your medical records, examine you and produce detailed reports to support your claim.
  • Fully investigating your financial losses and seeking evidence about loss of earnings.
  • Carefully considering the cost of any medical treatment, care, support, aids and equipment you will need and for how long.
  • Ensuring the damage to your motorcycle, the cost of a replacement and the value of any kit damaged or destroyed in the accident is included in your claim.

Why choose us for your motorbike accident claim?

  • Winning track record – we have a successful history of recovering significant motorbike accident compensation, with one claim worth over £2 million.
  • Focus on treatment and rehabilitation – we can help you access leading medical experts, rehabilitation centres and therapists to maximise your recovery and help you achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Specialist insight into your claim – we can quickly assess the impacts of your accident and the likelihood of a successful claim thanks to our longstanding experience in this area.

Start your motorbike accident claim today

It’s important get in touch as soon as possible if you’re thinking about pursuing a claim.  Sometimes an insurer will contact you directly, which may persuade you not to bring a claim or to accept less compensation than you may be entitled to.

Starting a claim for compensation may feel like a daunting undertaking. However, our understanding motorbike accident solicitors will do everything possible to support you and ensure a positive outcome for you and your loved ones.

Contact us online or call 0800 316 8892 to take the first step and book your free initial consultation.

Motorbike accident claims – your questions answered

Can I claim if I was partly to blame?

Sometimes more than one person can be to blame for your accident, or a combination of factors came together to cause the collision. Providing the evidence shows someone else was partly to blame for the accident – even if you did something wrong, you may still be able to claim.

Your compensation might be reduced for what the law calls your “contributory negligence”, but you can still pursue the claim. The law in this area can be complex but we can advise you whether you have a claim worth investigating in your consultation.

What if I was injured by an uninsured driver or involved in a “hit and run”?

In the vast majority of motorcycle accidents, the person responsible can be identified and is insured. However, if your accident was caused by an uninsured motorist or by someone who leaves the scene and cannot be identified, we may be able to pursue a claim on your behalf to the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB). UK-based motor insurers must pay into this scheme so that the innocent victims of uninsured or untraced drivers can be compensated.

If an uninsured or untraced driver caused your motorbike accident, our solicitors can advise you as to whether you’re eligible to claim from the MIB.

Contact an expert motorbike accident solicitor

If you’ve suffered life-changing injuries in a motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault, call our expert serious injury solicitors on 0800 316 8892 or get in touch online to discuss claiming compensation.

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