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Head and brain injury solicitors

Claim compensation to rebuild your life after a serious brain and head injury

Our medical negligence and serious injury solicitors have decades of experience claiming compensation for adults and children who have sustained serious head and brain injuries as a result of someone else’s actions or inaction.

Whether you bring a claim against a road user, an employer, an individual or against the NHS, doing so could enable you to secure treatment, rehabilitation, care and support of a quality that might otherwise be out of your reach.

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Call 0800 316 8892 or get in touch online to speak to a specialist brain injury solicitor. We can meet wherever is most convenient for you – at your home, one of our offices or even in hospital.

We will use our time with you to:

  • Understand your experience and the impact your injury has had on every aspect of your life
  • Advise you on how to proceed with your claim and your chances of success
  • Talk you through your funding options, including a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement, where you only pay for our services if your claim is successful

This consultation is free and you’re under no obligation to go any further.

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Types of serious head or brain injury claim

You could be entitled to claim compensation if you or your child has suffered a serious head injury or brain damage caused by:

  • A road traffic accident
  • An accident at work, for example involving dangerous machinery or a fall from height
  • A preventable complication during pregnancy or childbirth that led to your baby suffering brain damage
  • A delayed or misdiagnosis of post-concussion syndrome
  • A delayed or missed diagnosis of an infection or illness such as meningitis, encephalitis or a brain tumour
  • An accident in a public place, for example tripping over an obstacle
  • A criminal assault

How our brain and head injury claims specialists can help you

Our serious injury and medical negligence solicitors have the understanding, legal expertise and support network you need to claim the compensation you deserve. We will:

1. Fully investigate the consequences of your injury

Our long-standing experience means we can call on a team of leading neurosurgeons, neurologists, case managers, rehabilitation specialists, architects, employment and care specialists to fully investigate the life-changing consequences of your injury on you and your family.

2. Accurately value your compensation

This detailed investigation, which includes expert medical evidence, enables us to accurately value the maximum compensation you need to achieve the best recovery from your injuries and maximise your quality of life.

3. Prioritise your rehabilitation

Wherever possible, your brain injury solicitor will secure rehabilitation for you. With the help of therapists, case managers and other professionals, we will work to maximise your recovery.

4. Seek interim payments to ease the pressure on your finances

Wherever possible your solicitor will seek to obtain interim payments at an early stage to help alleviate any immediate strain on your finances, so you can concentrate on your recuperation and rehabilitation.

5. Advise you any legal matter arising from your injury

Unlike many other firms offering brain and injury claims advice, we have the in-house expertise to advise you on any other legal matter that arises from your injury, such as employment issues, conveyancing, family matters or protecting your interests if you lose capacity to manage your own affairs.

Specialist advice on serious brain and head injuries in children

Claims for children who have sustained a brain injury are highly complex and require specialist lawyers to ensure the best outcome is achieved. A head injury sustained by a young child might have hidden effects which only become apparent as they get older and reach key stages of development.

Our medical negligence solicitors have extensive experience in claiming compensation for children who have suffered serious head or catastrophic brain injuries in an accident or during childbirth. Our Court of Protection and trusts colleagues also provide expert advice to parents on investing a compensation settlement on behalf of a child.

Why choose our brain and head injury solicitors

  • Your goals are our goals – our objective is to help you recover from your injuries and get your life back on track as soon as possible. We listen to your personal goals and aspirations and focus your compensation claim on helping you achieve them.
  • Senior oversight of your claim – your claim will be overseen by one of our partners and most senior solicitors, so you know you will always receive the very best advice and service.
  • Winning record – we have an excellent track record of recovering serious head and brain injury compensation, some worth several million pounds.
  • Recommended solicitors – we are recognised as specialist solicitors by Headway (the brain injury association) and we’re also proud supporters and on the legal panel of the Encephalitis Society.

Speak to a specialist brain and head injury solicitor

Get in touch online now or call 0800 316 8892 to arrange a free consultation with a specialist brain injury solicitor to understand if your claim is likely to have a positive outcome for you.

Don’t just take our word for it

I was very happy with my claim. The hard work that went into it was very clear and I was told everything that was happening all the time. I would recommend Clarke Willmott to anybody. Thank you once again.Client

Marguarita Tyne is a very good lawyer and always pleasant to deal with. She has got a sense for where the case is going and fine judgement. She balances things really well.” Chambers 2022

Phil Edwards – one of the very best personal injury litigators in the country. Hugely experienced in high value catastrophic injury work. Always upholds the very best values and integrity in terms of always acting in his client’s best interests. The solicitor you would send your own mother to. He is always remarkably courteous throughout his dealings with insurers but also displays a dogged determination and razor sharp arguments in securing the right result and justice for his clients and those affected by what are invariably life-changing injuries.”

Lee Hart is noted for always having his clients’ “best interests at heart” and is described as “cool, calm and collected.” Chambers UK

Kerry Fifield…worked closely with myself and family on my daughter’s medical negligence case. My daughter suffered significant brain injury following undiagnosed pneumococcal meningitis by our local hospital. This caused catastrophic life changes for my daughter and for us as a family. From the moment Kerry took on our case she demonstrated nothing but compassion, understanding and professionalism…”

Your brain and head injury questions answered

What could my compensation cover?

What your compensation covers will depend on the seriousness and duration of your injuries, plus the effect they have on your everyday life and future.

When the medical evidence is finalised, it is usually possible to identify the losses and expenses to include in your compensation claim. These will often include such things as:

  • Partial or complete loss of earnings and pension
  • The cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation and therapy
  • The cost of extra or adapted accommodation
  • The provision of case management nursing and/or domestic care
  • Transport and equipment
  • An award for your pain and suffering

We will gather evidence from many different sources as your claim progresses so that we can give you clear advice about the overall value of your claim.

If you cannot work, there may be an immediate loss of your or your household’s income. At the same time, you may be incurring extra expense to cover travel, medical expenses, childcare etc. Where possible, we will obtain an interim payment, which is an advance of compensation to meet your immediate financial needs. Often several interim payments can be secured as your claim progresses.

What are common symptoms of a brain or head injury?

No two brain injuries are the same. The effects of a serious brain or head injury can be very different from person to person, and we will work hard to assess the effects on you.

Common short term or life-long symptoms which may be present after a serious brain or head injury include:

  • Behaviour and mood – irritability/anger management issues, motivation problems, depression, behavioural changes, difficulties with relationship management, inhibition and mood changes.
  • Memory and concentration – memory loss, poor attention/concentration, confusion and slowness in thinking.
  • Physical issues – fatigue, dizziness/loss of balance, vision impairments, headaches, sleep disturbances, seizures, weakness or loss of sensation, loss of smell, loss of motor control and sensitivity to light and sounds.
  • Post-concussion syndrome – a group of symptoms of varying severity and duration that affect a person after a concussion (minor head injury). Symptoms can include confusion, poor memory or concentration, sensitivity to light, vision problems, dizziness and nausea.

Book a free consultation with a solicitor today

If you or your child has suffered a serious brain or head injury, call us now on 0800 316 8892 or contact us online for legal advice on making a claim. Your first consultation is free and there’s no pressure to take things further.

We help claim compensation for clients nationwide from our offices in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, London, Manchester, Southampton and Taunton.

Your key contacts

Marguarita Tyne

Head of Personal Injury & Medical Negligence

Marguarita Tyne is a claimant clinical negligence solicitor who investigates and brings claims on behalf of patients who have been injured during the course of their medical treatment, acting mainly (but not exclusively) for brain injury claimants in high value and often complex litigation.
View profile for Marguarita Tyne >

Kerry Fifield

Partner and Clinical Negligence Team Manager

Kerry’s primary focus is the needs of the client and their family when pursuing a claim, taking into account that each client is an individual with specific requirements who needs to be supported in addition to the legal investigation.
View profile for Kerry Fifield >

Lee Hart

Personal Injury Team Manager

Lee works closely with severely injured people and their families, leading them through the claims process and ensuring they get the best treatment, rehabilitation and care so that they can get their lives back on track as quickly as possible.
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