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Kerry Fifield

Partner and Clinical Negligence Team Manager

Home office: Bristol
Also works in: Cardiff and London
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Kerry’s primary focus is the needs of the client and their family when pursuing a claim, taking into account that each client is an individual with specific requirements who needs to be supported in addition to the legal investigation.

Kerry is a Partner and Team Manager for the Clinical Negligence Team, with over 20 years of experience in assisting Claimants in relation to complex clinical negligence claims.

Kerry undertakes a significant number of paediatric claims, specifically birth injury cases leading to cerebral palsy but also claims causing significant brain injury as a result of delays in diagnosis of meningitis or other delays in respect of appropriate treatment.

Kerry has been an AvMA Panel Member for Clinical Negligence since 2006 and a Law Society Accredited Panel Member for Clinical Negligence since 2009.

How Kerry can help you

Birth Injury

Kerry has extensive experience of claims arising from injury at birth and specifically cerebral palsy claims and has settled a number of multi million pound claims for children over the last 15 years. Kerry works closely with the families, case managers, experts and Counsel and always try to prioritise an early settlement in respect of liability, where possible, by working in a positive manner with the Defendant’s Solicitors on these cases to try and achieve interim damages to put in place a programme of care and therapy.


Kerry has worked closely with families following a stillbirth where there has been negligent treatment, supporting the family with empathy during this traumatic experience.

Meningitis Claims

Kerry has worked on a number of cases where there have been delays in diagnosis of meningitis causing significant brain injury and death.

Fatal Cases

Kerry has extensive experience of working with families in relation to fatal claims, providing support and guidance for the family in relation to the Inquest procedure and any subsequent clinical negligence claim.

Orthopaedic Claims

Kerry has experience of a number of claims arising orthopaedic injury for example, negligently performed total knee replacements and also complex orthopaedic injuries as a result of delays in diagnosis and also negligently performed surgery.

Urological Claims

Kerry has worked with clients who have suffered damage to their kidneys, requiring nephrectomy for renal failure as a result of delays in diagnosis and also as a result of surgical injury, working closely with the clients, urology and nephrology experts.


  • Birth Injury Claims – Cerebral Palsy settled in November 2016 Damages £10 million+, Cerebral Palsy settled in October 2016 Damages £8 million+, Wrongful birth settled in 2015 Damages for mother £1 million+.
  • Fatal claim – delay diagnosing and treating meningitis, Inquest and clinical negligence claim.
  • Stillbirth – settled July 2019.
  • Stillbirth – settled March 2020.
  • Kidney damage leading to sepsis and nephrectomy – claim settled May 2020 – damages £100,000+.
  • Complex Orthopaedic Claim settled August 2020 – delay in identifying a stress fracture and arranging an x-ray leading to significant injury to the hip, shoulder and ankles – Damages in excess of £280,000.


Kerry Fifield is active in meningitis claims and issues arising from the infection

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