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Clarke Willmott puts World Encephalitis Day in the spotlight

Clarke Willmott is shining a light on misdiagnosis as part of its annual efforts in support of World Encephalitis Day on 22 February.

Encephalitis is caused by an infection or an inappropriate response from the immune system which leads to an inflammation of the brain. Each year, there are around 6,000 cases in the UK, affecting people of all ages.

Clarke Willmott is a corporate supporter of Encephalitis International which helps raise public awareness, supports those affected, and funds scientific research into the condition. The firm’s medical negligence team is a specialist in this area and supports patients and their families where it can be shown medical treatment has been unacceptable.

James Edmondson, senior associate in the personal injury and clinical negligence team at Clarke Willmott, said: “Encephalitis can affect anyone of any age, and its effects can be devastating.

It can cause long-term ongoing complications such as memory loss, epilepsy, behavioural and personality changes, or irreversible brain damage, so recognising the symptoms and getting medical care early is crucial.

“Unfortunately, misdiagnosis of encephalitis is all too common, due to the difficult nature of diagnosis. Misdiagnosis can be specifically dangerous as it can cause delays, potentially leading to permanent brain damage and even death.

The Encephalitis Society is aiming to raise £40,000 by World Encephalitis Day 2024. This money will be used to help educate medical professionals worldwide about the diagnosis and treatment of the condition. You can donate to the cause here.

If you want to go one step further to support Encephalitis International, there are two other things that you can do:

Go #Red4WED

On 22 February, show your support by wearing something red – that could be a pair of socks, a tie, a hat or even one of the charity’s official Encephalitis Day t-shirts. Share your photos on social media using #Red4Wed, so that the society can repost it on its official website. Visit our Facebook page to see our team going #Red4WED.

Light up your office

Help the cause by illuminating well-known local landmarks in red to symbolise support for the campaign. Last year, 249 landmarks and buildings participated, including Niagara Falls, Piccadilly Circus and the former Clarke Willmott Bristol Office.

Clarke Willmott recently had the opportunity to sit down with Joanne Martin, a former client, to share the story of her daughter Allana, who tragically lost her life due to a poor treatment for her encephalitis. Joanne and her family hope that by sharing Allana’s story, it can increase understanding and awareness of the disease, particularly the cognitive changes that may occur.

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