Diabetes Prevention Programme – National Rollout announced

Back in January we commented on the Public Accounts Committee and their concern about the rising numbers of new diagnoses of Diabetes, with over 200,000 new cases reported annually.

NHS England has now announced how their Diabetes Prevention Programme will be rolled out to try and reduce the incidence of this illness.

The human cost of diabetes is immense and the cost of managing the complex medical conditions that arise potentially could spiral out of control. Blindness, amputation and stroke are particular problems but the cost to the health and social care budgets is significant. For patients with diabetes, otherwise straightforward hospital admissions are often extended due to the effects of the condition.

Simon Stevens CEO of NHS England said:

Around 500 people every day find out they’ve got Type 2 diabetes – a serious but often preventable health condition. By offering targeted support for at-risk individuals, the NHS is now playing our part in the wider campaign against obesity – which is already costing the country more than we spend on the police and fire service combined.’

The programme has been trialled in 7 sites across the country and targets those at high risk of developing the disease. Now the rollout will extend national coverage to 27 further areas.

It offers personalised support with a focus on lifestyle habits, getting more exercise, better balanced diet and losing and keeping off excess weight. Each patient will be offered at least 13 education and exercise sessions of 1-2 hours with at least 16 hours face to face.

If you or a family member suffer from Diabetes and have concerns about medical treatment and management contact a member of our Medical Negligence team on 0800 316 8892.