Personal Injury, Serious Injury & Clinical Negligence

Think your claim has been handled negligently?

How to change Solicitor

No personal injury lawyer sets out to provide a poor service.  Sometimes mistakes are made which can cause you financial loss.  Such mistakes can include:

  • missing a deadline, for example the time by which Court proceedings should have been commenced or served, leaving you unable to proceed with your personal injury claim
  • suing the wrong party
  • advising you that your claim had no merit
  • incorrectly calculating the losses, or failing to include the full losses
  • advising you to accept a lower compensation sum than you were entitled to.

If your claim has concluded and you feel your claim was handled badly or negligently, it might still be possible to re-open your claim, and you could find that you are entitled to far more.

Let us review your claim.  We can tell you whether your lawyers have made mistakes, and whether, potentially, you may have a claim for compensation against them for negligently handling your case.  Law firms are obliged to carry insurance against such claims.

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