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Claims management companies to be held to account

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims and Complaints About Claims Management Companies

Claims Management Companies pursue compensation on behalf of consumers, many operating within the sphere of personal injury claims. The industry has burgeoned over past years, bolstered by the advent of “no win, no fee” funding arrangements.

Up until now, consumers who were dissatisfied with their Claims Management Company have only had recourse to the Claims Management Regulator, who has never had the power to compensate customers.

But all that is set to change, with the Government’s recent announcement that, from 2013, the Legal Ombudsman will be responsible for complaints about CMCs, meaning that consumers who are found to have been poorly treated could be awarded compensation of anything up to £30,000.

The Ministry of Justice says that the change will enable the Claims Management Regulator to concentrate their efforts on taking action against those CMCs that consistently breach the rules.

Chief Legal Ombudsman Adam Sampson said “This is great news for the public and consumers, as we have significant powers of redress to protect them. We are confident we can support the Claims Management Regulator to improve standards across the industry.”

Love them or hate them, it seems that for the time being, Claims Management companies are here to stay. If you have suffered an injury, we can arrange your funding without the need for you to resort to middle men.

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