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Paediatric medical negligence claims

Putting the child first

There are a wide range of situations and medical conditions when a child may require medical treatment and for each one there is a potential for the child to receive inadequate treatment.

Many of the problems encountered are covered in more detail elsewhere on this website, such as birth injuries suffered by the very young or meningitis, a serious illness more prevalent in children then adults.

Failure to diagnose serious illness in small children is a common failing, not always negligent due to the difficulties clinicians face in obtaining a clear history or distinguishing the symptoms of a harmless virus from a life threatening disease. Despite the difficulties there are “red flag” symptoms which should lead to more detailed investigation of a child’s problems and a failure to act on presentation of those symptoms may give rise to a claim.

Perhaps the most significant difference between paediatric claims and adult claims is that young children are still in their formative years and that illness or injury at a crucial stage may inhibit development, leading to a more significant degree of disability than may arise in an adult with the same condition. In cases where children receive unacceptable medical care, there can be far-reaching implications which affect them into adulthood. These cases need a particularly careful approach especially when considering the future medical prognosis of the child and the impact that their injury may have upon their lives in the future.

Paediatric compensation claims

All settlements on behalf of children need to be approved by the court and damages paid to minor children will generally be invested on the child’s behalf until they reach the age of 18.

We have acted for children who have suffered a wide range of injuries and illness which have not been properly diagnosed and treated, leaving them with lifelong disabilities and care needs.

We also have access to the expertise of our court of protection and trusts teams in relation to the investment of money on behalf of minor children.

In addition, we have particular expertise in representing children with serious brain injury and disabilities arising from negligence during childbirth.

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