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#choice not chance: making a Will and a Lasting Power of Attorney

The Ministry of Justice started a very useful campaign yesterday urging everyone not to leave matters to chance but to make a Will and a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). The campaign is aimed at those aged 25-50 in particular which is an age group who may not have taken any action to draw up either a Will or LPA thinking that this is only something that ill or elderly people do. Despite increasing life expectancy it is, however, a sad fact that not everyone lives to a very great age and that unexpected accidents do happen.

It is sensible planning for everyone to make an active choice over what happens to them and their assets if the unforeseen were to occur. Anyone with any doubts about  younger people drawing up an  LPA should read the column written by the Independent’s Features Editor, Rebecca Armstrong, about the aftermath of her husband’s road accident resulting in serious head injuries (In sickness and in health: I’ll never be sneery about joint bank accounts again – Comment – Voices – The Independent).

Unfortunately much bureaucracy tends to follow both an unexpected death and unforeseen accident and planning for their eventuality makes life easier for those trying to cope at a difficult time. As far as Wills are concerned, not making one can mean that your assets pass to people who you would not wish to benefit and those that you might wish to receive a share of your estate might be left out. For example, if you have a partner, and you are not married or in a registered civil partnership, then  he or she will have no entitlement, as the law stands at present, to any of your assets unless you make a Will.  So make a choice and don’t take a chance and make sure that everything is in order.