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Birmingham Children’s Hospital – Never events report

Birmingham Children’s Hospital has reported 6 ‘Never Events’ within the last 10 months according to a recent report.

‘Never Events’ are just that; incidents that should not happen. In March 2015, NHS England published a new list of never events which range from wrong site surgery, retained foreign objects to incorrectly implanted prostheses.

Other never events include overdoses of medication such as insulin or methotrexate or administering medication via the wrong route.

In mental health care a failure to install functional collapsible shower or curtain rails is highlighted and in general care falls from poorly restricted windows are noted as are the need to safeguard patients from chest or neck entrapment in bedrails.

Marguarita Tyne, Clinical Negligence Partner at Clarke Willmott said:

NHS England has identified a number of avoidable incidents which are so extreme that they should not occur. It is worrying that despite hospitals being made aware of these matters for the past 12 months that safeguards and better training do not appear to be being prioritised to ensure that these never happen. Patient safety is and should be an absolute priority.

Even though this hospital says that no harm has come to these patients, as the mistakes were dealt with immediately, the incidents described, which include wrong site surgery and another involving a retained foreign object are likely to have led to further surgery and distress to patients even where there are no long term consequences.

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