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Motorsport injury compensation claims

Participants and spectators at motorsport events who suffer injury may in certain situations be able to pursue a claim for compensation in negligence against the organisers, track owners or regulating body.

Motorsport claims are often complex and require detailed knowledge of safety guidelines as set by the FiA (Federation Internationale de L’Automobile) and the relevant British governing body for example the ACU (Autocycle Union) for motorbikes and the MSA (Motorsports Association) for cars.

It is important to identify at the outset who was in control of the motorsport event. Was it the race promoter, track owner, motor club or the governing body?

Once the identity of the individual/organisation with control is identified it is then necessary to establish if insurance is in place for the type of incident which resulted in injuries.

If insurance is not in place the accounts of the individual/organisation will have to be considered to establish if compensation can be paid in the event of the claim succeeding.

We have experience of successfully pursuing motorsport claims in different motorsports be they 2 or 4 wheeled.

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