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Should a horse that has competed for his/her country be allowed to compete for another country?

With rumours rife that our top GB olympic gold medal winning dressage horses are likely to be sold out of the country, should this be allowed under competition rules?

Valegro, Charlotte Dujardin’s gold team and individual medal winning ride, together with Uthopia, Carl Hester’s gold team medal winning ride are rumoured to be up for sale.  The likelihood is that the horses would be sold by their owners abroad.  Both horses are geldings and would be sold for their riding ability and not for breeding with.  Multi-million pound offers are reported to be on the table.

Supporters of this move say that the money can be reinvested into the sport in Britain enabling a string of horses to be obtained for the future.  They advise that it is not easy to hang onto the very expensive horses, given the prices offered for them.

Those against, dread the break up of a beautiful partnership between these horses and their riders.  The amazing Tortillas ridden by the Dutch rider, Edward Gal, was sold from under Edward’s feet last year to the Germans.

Another argument that does not appear to be being pushed by the press is whether a horse that has competed for its country should be able to compete for another country?  The riders can’t, so why should the horse?  Countries will be buying success.  Should this not be regulated?