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Anti-social Behaviour Update – different proposed Tools for the “ASB” Tool Box

A combination of making use of available anti-social behaviour legal tools and swift action proved effective for the ASRA Group in a recent anti-social behaviour case in the Leicester County Court.

Following complaints about threatening behaviour towards neighbours and noise nuisance caused by a tenant and her unruly dog, the Clarke Willmott LLP Housing and Asset Management Team were instructed to make application for an anti-social behaviour injunction with an attached Power of Arrest in the Leicester County Court. When served with the injunction application and a notice of the forthcoming hearing date, the levels of anti-social behaviour quickly escalated when the tenant’s boyfriend confronted a witness and threatened to kill her. Due to concerns that the tenant’s boyfriend would act on his threats, the witness was immediately moved out of her home.

The day after this incident, a without notice application for an injunction order and attached power of arrest, this time also targeting the tenant’s boyfriend, was made in the Leicester County Court. An Order was achieved which excluded the tenant’s boyfriend from the block of flats and provided some protection for the residents.

The ASRA Group were informed by local residents and the police that that the tenant had then left her property but that her boyfriend (who was known to the police) may breach the exclusion order imposed on him and return to the property as he was also a known local drug dealer

The Clarke Willmott LLP Housing and Asset Management Team then urgently progressed possession proceedings in the Leicester County Court. The tenant became aware of these proceedings but instead of taking steps to defend those proceedings, the pressure told and she handed in her keys and possession of the property was then secured.

All in all a swift and successful outcome was achieved. This case is important in demonstrating the importance of dealing with issues swiftly as and when they arise and also working in close partnership with local agencies, including the police in order to ensure success in tackling anti-social behaviour.

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