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Action for Brain Injury Week

As Headway, the brain injury association, launch “Action for Brain Injury Week” today, with the theme “Don’t cut me out!” – raising awareness of how cuts to welfare benefits and Local Authority and NHS budgets impact upon brain injury survivors, legal experts at Clarke Willmott have welcomed the campaign.

Philip Edwards of Clarke Willmott’s Birmingham office said that the restrictions in accessing rehabilitation and other services have become more apparent over recent years, and there is little doubt that there is a “postcode lottery” when it comes to receiving the support that brain injury survivors so obviously need to help them rebuild their lives.

Phil said:-

“The United Kingdom is rightly proud of the quality of the medical professionals and therapists who work in the field of acquired brain injury, and our Case Managers lead the world in their knowledge and desire to obtain the best possible outcomes for brain injury survivors. However, we see all too regularly people who are unable to obtain vital rehabilitation simply because funding is not available.

Those people who have been injured through the fault of someone else and who have legitimate compensation claims have an advantage, and at Clarke Willmott we always do our best to seek early interim payments to fund rehabilitation, Case Management, therapies and even medical treatment, thus relieving some of the burden on the state, and ensuring that clients receive the help they need at the earliest possible stage. However, often we see geographical gaps where even when funding is available, services are not unless people are prepared to travel long distances. It also seems unfair in the extreme that in a country where we pride ourselves on our NHS (which is still the envy of the world) that services cannot always be provided to everyone who needs them

This is why we welcome Headway’s campaign, and would urge everyone to get involved. Please do consider letting your MP know your views, and raise awareness with them about the priority that should be given to brain injury survivors”

It is universally accepted that early and specialised rehabilitation after brain injury leads to the best outcomes, and when those outcomes relate to fundamental things like independence, ability to return to work and quality of life, Clarke Willmott consider the Headway campaign to be vital and it has our full support.