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Free online hub helps Agri-businesses keep legal affairs in order

Our firm provides a full complement of legal services to farming families and businesses, has launched a free online tool to help farm owners and individuals prioritise and stay on top of their legal affairs.

The Agri-Business healthcheck tool covers topics such as contract farming arrangements, rights of way, occupiers on the property, health and safety, employment, succession planning and family business matters.

Users are asked to answer a series of simple questions and their responses are used to generate a free, personalised report that highlights the areas Clarke Willmott recommends they review and gives a risk rating.

Our agriculture sector team, say: “The agricultural industry changes quickly and staying abreast of the regulations and your legal obligations can be an ongoing challenge.

“Our legal healthcheck tool is designed to help agri-business owners focus on the legal issues they should be on top of. We can guide you in addressing areas that will support the growth and sustainability of your businesses and help you assess areas of potential risk as a result of your legal and regulatory duties.

“This self-assessment takes a couple of minutes to complete and you will receive a free healthcheck report. The report will let you know what you need to address to ensure that your business is in its best condition when it comes to legal matters.”

The Agri-Business healthcheck is one of several tools available on our online legal hub, which aims to help users understand what their legal obligations are and the options available to them when it comes to protecting themselves and their loved ones.

We believe this level of online support is rare amongst law firms and it has plans to develop the hub to cover more areas of law over the coming months.

“We are all living in a world where more and more of us are using online sources for everything from shopping to education. Our legal hub is a new way for us to provide support and engage with people and businesses who need legal advice, but don’t necessarily want to pick up the phone and have a conversation yet.

“We have always shared great advice, provided by specialist expert lawyers, on our web pages and blogs but we are now providing an interactive and tailored experience. People can get instant and free support directly relating to their business or personal affairs. Our hub helps them to do some research and explore priorities for themselves before deciding whether they are ready to seek more detailed professional advice.

“The hub helps determine where people can save money, steps they can take themselves and provides information to ponder in their own time.”

Our top-ranking agricultural solicitors act for individual farmers, rural landowners and agri-food businesses including primary, secondary and retail food producers of all sizes.

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