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Do you care who owns your football club?

Just when we thought football fever was over after this Summer’s World Cup, it appears the start of the new football season – and the controversy that often surrounds it – is once again creeping up on us.

Many British clubs will start the season with a dark cloud of financial uncertainty over them while others start with new management, players or even owners.

But does it matter who funds a football club? One of the six people bidding to buy Liverpool FC is Chinese businessman Kenny Huan. In a debate on BBC Radio 5 Live, presenter Nicky Campbell chats to fans and sports law specialist Trevor Watkins from Clarke Willmott LLP, about the implications of clubs having foreign investors and why overseas businessmen find the British Premier League so attractive.

Do they have the best interests of the clubs in mind or is it just about reaping financial rewards and capitalising on commercial rights?

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