Planning & the Environment

Sustainability to the fore as further planning changes come on stream in Wales

As most people reading this will already know there will shortly be a new planning act coming in to force in Wales. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are already three further bills in the system dealing with the historic environment, the natural environment and the well being of future generations.

But again that is just the start. Underneath these new legislative provisions there are a raft of new policy instruments. Running though all of this is a commitment to making development more sustainable. Requiring it to be located, designed and built with the needs of future generations in mind as much as for the present. This is in addition to an overhaul of the whole system top to bottom from policy to development control, enforcement and appeal.

As if all this were not enough and before these changes have come into force, let alone bed down, the Law Commission has started on a complete review of the whole system.

All this will make for interesting times and we in the development industry need to pay close attention just to keep up.

Chris will be speaking at our Property Development seminar in Cardiff today (Thursday 2 July).