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Serious Injury and Clinical Negligence Newsletter – June 2016

We are pleased to present the June 2016 edition of our Serious Injury & Clinical Negligence newsletter from the Clarke Willmott claims team.

Our aim is to provide you with a brief overview of key developments and issues in the field of serious injury and clinical negligence.

Action for Brain Injury Awareness week 2016

This week (9-14 May 2016) is Action for Brain Injury Awareness Week. Here at Clarke Willmott, we specialise in brain and other catastrophic injuries after accidents and spreading the word about the impact of brain injury and the support available is a key part of our Serious Injury team’s role.

An acquired brain injury (ABI) is any brain injury that occurs after (and sometimes during) birth and not as a result of a congenital or other natural cause. Causes can vary from something as simple as a knock on the head at work, a stroke, or a catastrophic high impact accident. Every year around 1 million people attend hospital suffering from some form of head injury. A significant number of people will suffer on-going symptoms after head injury, ranging from mild, short term difficulty with memory, through to severe lifelong cognitive disability. Head, or more appropriately, brain injuries are put into different categories. These are determined by the amount of time that has passed, when the extent of recovery or on-going symptoms can be identified. But any injury can have an effect which can be life changing.

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Brain Injury – The Facts, The Fiction, The Future

As part of Brain Injury Awareness Week we want to take the opportunity to remind everyone of the prevalence of brain injury in all of its guises, and arm you all with the essential facts you need to understand brain injury and how it affects more people than you might care to admit.
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The Brain Game

In “Action for Brain Injury Week” (9-14 May), Clarke Willmott are pleased to announce their 2016 conference:

“Why brain injury does not mean exclusion from real life”

Life goes on after brain injury – the good times, the bad times, the times of joy, the times of crisis – surviving brain injury does not stop these things from happening.
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Encephalitis and Medical Negligence

Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain caused by an infection or an inappropriate response from the immune system. It can affect anyone of any age, adults and children, and its effects can be devastating.

There are around 6,000 cases of encephalitis each year in the UK. The most common cause of Infectious Encephalitis in this country is the herpes simplex virus (the cold sore virus). Autoimmune Encephalitis is the term used to describe the illness when the body’s own immune system triggers the illness, often but not only as a result of a reaction to mild viral infection.
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What Price Parenthood? The value we place on a family

In an article published in this quarter’s issue of the Journal of Personal Injury Law, Chris Thorne, Partner at Clarke Willmott with a special interest in infertility and IVF issues, explores the shortcomings in the law relating to the inability to have a family as a result of the negligence of others.

As solicitor for the Claimants in the Bristol, Sheffield and Edinburgh sperm destruction cases Chris has a unique insight into the challenges faced by clients and the shortcomings of the legal system when the choice to have a family is taken from people desperate to become parents, as a result of the failings of the medical profession.
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