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Road Safety Week starts on 19 November

The 19 – 25 November is Road Safety Week – a campaign aimed at raising awareness and reducing injuries and deaths on our roads

The annual event co-ordinated by Brake – the road safety charity, aims to raise awareness of road safety issues and to be an integral part of seeking to reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths on our roads.

This year’s theme is ‘speed’. Every time we drive faster than the speed limit, or too fast for the road conditions, we increase the risk of a crash – and we increase the chance that someone will be killed or hurt.

Clarke Willmott will again be supporting this year’s campaign, and with good reason. Road Traffic Accidents account for the majority of the claims for serious injuries that we handle for our clients. Every such case is a personal tragedy, our clients suffer life changing injuries including brain injury, spinal cord injuryamputations and multiple orthopaedic injuries. It is usually the case that these terrible injuries were avoidable if other road users had driven or behaved sensibly and carefully.

We work hard at Clarke Willmott to support our clients through their recovery, assisting them to access treatment and rehabilitation, trying to alleviate financial pressures and working hard with medical and therapeutic professionals to help our clients get back to the position they would have been in had they not been involved in an accident. However successful that process is though, the message we always hear from our clients is that they would not want others to have to go through what they have been through.

One of our Road Traffic Claims experts, Lee Hart, said:

“Our support for Road Safety Week is based upon what our clients say to us. The goal of reducing road traffic accidents and the consequent serious and life changing injuries caused as a result, so that other people do not have to go through what our clients have gone through, is one that we share and will do all we can to support. In the meantime, for those unlucky enough to have been involved in an accident, we will continue to support them to make the best recovery they possibly can”

If you would like to speak to a member of our personal injury team, please request a consultation.


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Lee Hart

Personal Injury Team Manager

Lee works closely with severely injured people and their families, leading them through the claims process and ensuring they get the best treatment, rehabilitation and care so that they can get their lives back on track as quickly as possible.
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