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Employment law dates on the horizon

Partner and Employment Law expert Marc Long highlights upcoming changes to legislation, and the potential implications for businesses and employees

A quick note to get 2013 under way. Here’s a reminder about a couple of important regulatory changes that are coming our way in next few months.

In March, BIS – that’s the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills – has a few changes on the slate. It has published the ‘Fifth Statement of New Regulations’ confirming that legislation will come in to force removing potential liability of employers for harassment of employees by third parties (for example, customers or suppliers). BIS will also remove the procedure for completing a statutory questionnaire and increase the right to parental leave to 18 weeks per parent per child. The legislation will also extend the right to request flexible leave to agency workers when returning from parental leave.

And a month later, in April, there is legislation due to come in that will revise the Employment Tribunal Rules of Procedure and implement a change to the protection for whistle-blowers. It will mean that disclosures are only protected if they are ‘in the public interest’. It’s a rather discrete change, I suppose, but for those it affects it will have significant repercussions.

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