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Confirmation statements to replace annual returns

From 30 June 2016 UK companies and LLPs will no longer be required to submit annual returns; instead a confirmation statement (CS01), (LLCS01 for limited companies) must be filed every twelve months at Companies House.

Although completing a confirmation statement will require similar information to that contained in the annual return, the new regime is more than just a change of name. The key differences are:-

  • Check and confirm – provided a company’s details don’t change, once the first confirmation statement has been filed, the process thereafter will be to “check and confirm” that the information at Companies House is correct. If any information is out of date, the company must file whatever is needed to update the records before, or at the same time, that it delivers the confirmation statement;
  • PSC register – information on the Persons with Significant Control register, (which companies have had to create and maintain since 6 April) will form part of the confirmation statement;
  • Deadline for filing – under the current regime, a company has a grace period of 28 days from the due date in which to file its annual return; this has been reduced to 14 days to submit the confirmation statement. Failure to file on time is an offence for which both company and directors may be liable to a fine; and
  • Cost – £13 to file the confirmation statement on line, £40 for paper filing. This is an annual payment, but during the year, a company may file as many confirmation statements as it wishes.

Action required

If your company’s annual return is due on 30 June or shortly after, the clock is now ticking. Check you understand what information is required to complete the confirmation statement and make sure this is filed within the 14 day deadline.

For more information please contact Simon Thomas, Ed Foulkes, Andrew Beedham or Kelvin Balmont.