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Changes to tenancy deposit scheme arrangements

The following provisions of the Deregulation Act 2015 come into force from 23 June 2015:

  • Tenancy deposits taken for Assured Shorthold Tenancies before 6 April 2007 which have not been protected need to be protected to be able to serve a section 21 notice. To protect the tenancy you are required to register the deposit in an approved scheme and serve the prescribed information before 23 June 2015.
  • Tenancy deposits taken since 6 April 2007 for Assured Shorthold Tenancies which have been properly protected do not need the prescribed information to be re-served on future renewals or when the tenancy rolls into a statutory periodic tenancy.
  • Please be aware that if the tenancy deposit is moved into another scheme or any of the tenancy details (i.e. tenants, landlord, property information) change you will need to re-serve the prescribed information.

For further information, please contact a member of the Social Housing team.