An Will declaration, about to be signed

The importance of making a Will

Accidental injury killed my husband; he left no will – can I still make a claim?

Clearly making a will is the best way to offer protection to your loved ones but what happens in circumstances where someone dies suddenly, without leaving a will. What if in addition to the death it is clear that a third party was responsible – what then? Can a claim be pursued?

The answer to this is yes, a claim can be pursued. The process is slightly different in that an administrator rather than an executor would need to be appointed and Grant Letters of Administration would need to be obtained.   A claim can be made for all losses up to the date of death and the death itself (although the latter are usually modest). In addition a claim can be made for dependency for a surviving spouse/surviving dependent children.

That said, in order to avoid any doubt about who you want to deal with your affairs following your death and importantly, who you want to benefit from your estate, the sensible option is to make a Will.   

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