A solicitor gives legal advice to a smiling young couple

Wealth, Health & Inheritance Briefing – May 2016

Welcome to the May edition of WHIB.

An aging population means that issues of mental capacity arise more often and, in the first of a series of articles focussing on the older client, we look at points that you need to consider if your client loses mental capacity.

In other articles, we look at inheritance tax planning and what the government might find acceptable, how the “bank of Mum and Dad” can protect their investment and we consider reversionary lease schemes for tax planning purposes. We also feature excluded property trusts and their use for non-domiciled clients and report on the consultation on the taxation of life insurance policies.

As always, please get in touch if you require any further advice or information.

Anthony Fairweather

Wealth, Health & Inheritance Briefing – May 2016


  • Advising the older client: when your client loses capacity
  • Consultation on the taxation of life insurance policies
  • The acceptable face of inheritance tax planning
  • Excluded property trusts and the dangers of relying on outdated advice
  • Inheritance tax and reversionary leases
  • The bank of Mum & Dad: planning ahead