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Wealth, Health & Inheritance Briefing – March 2016

Welcome to the March edition of WHIB.

Following the recent budget statement, our Focus On article reports on the budget and its main tax highlights.

In this briefing we also give you the lowdown on the imminent changes to the taxation of dividend income and how this will affect your clients, and we consider how the stamp duty land tax additional rate will impact on trusts and estates.

“Increased death charges” looks at proposals to vastly increase probate charges and we look at what happens to businesses if their owner is incapacitated.

Finally our case report emphasises the need for executors to protect themselves from personal liability by advertising for creditors before distributing an estate.

I hope you find these topics interesting; please do contact us if you need more information on any subject.

Anthony Fairweather

Wealth, Health & Inheritance Briefing – March 2016

  • How the changes in dividend taxation will affect your clients
  • Wills, trusts and estates and the stamp duty land tax changes
  • Focus on: The Budget 2016
  • Business owners and incapacity
  • Executors: why you should advertise for creditors
  • Increased death charges