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Prompt Action secures an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction Order

The Clarke Willmott LLP Housing Management Team recently secured a final injunction order against a tenant in Sheltered Accommodation in the Bristol county court on behalf of a well-known Housing Association. The tenant was a vulnerable individual but had caused a nuisance at the scheme since the commencement of her tenancy by being abusive to residents and staff members and causing damage to the property. The Clarke Willmott LLP Housing Management Team received instructions that a fire had broken out in the tenant’s room and that an urgent injunction application was required to deal with this problem.

An urgent Anti-social Injunction Order was secured against the tenant within twenty four hours of receiving instructions to secure an order. At a return hearing three days later in the Bristol county court, a final Anti-Social behaviour Injunction Order was obtained. This case demonstrates that prompt action can and does result in court orders which can help protect local residents.

For further information, please contact: Senga Howells