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Owen Williams

Solicitor Advocate

Notary Public

Home office: London
Also works in: Southampton
Owen Williams - Litigation Solicitor - London

Owen helps position his clients to maximise settlement opportunities and avoid the potential roulette of an actual trial.

Owen is head of our Commercial and Private Client Litigation team. His personal practice covers a wide range of commercial disputes from defamation / media through IT disputes to shareholder / boardroom fall outs. He lectures extensively on shareholder disputes and the law of mis-statements / mis-representations and is currently writing a book on enforcement.

Owen has appeared as an advocate in every level of the court system up to and including the Privy Council.

How Owen can help you

As an advocate Owen is trained to identify the real issues in a case and rapidly cuts through the irrelevancies to what actually matters and then focuses on putting those in the best light and obtained the key evidence to bolster them. He knows all too well that going to a trial is a risky proposition even for what seems to be a very strong case and looks to position his clients and their cases to avoid that where possible by bringing the other side to the negotiating / mediation table at a time which makes sense for achieving the best outcome for his clients.

Owen knows however that sometimes cases cannot be settled and has taken many cases to trial whether as the advocate or otherwise. The hard work spent positioning the client and its case in the best light of negotiation is exactly the work required to then put the case in its best light before a judge.


  • Owen acted for the “Stig” in his dispute with the BBC over the publication of his memoirs
  • Owen acted for Bristol Rugby Club in its dispute with the RFU over its “poaching” of Steve Borthwick to be Eddie Jones’s assistant coach
  • Owen acted for Julian White in his attempt to avoid joining Bristol Rugby Club
  • Way back in 1999 Owen was named Solicitor of the Year by The Lawyer magazine


He’s highly commercially aware, decisive and a pleasure to work with..

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