A smiling carer chats with an elderly lady

Integrated health and social care

The Guardian recently reported that a joint initiative in Leeds between the NHS and Four Seasons Health Care has enabled individuals who may have otherwise been in hospital to have the opportunity for rehabilitation in a residential setting.

This is a great example of providing some ‘breathing space’ between a hospital stay and going home for situations where the patient may need a little extra support to enable them to convalesce. It is important to remember that it is free to stay in care for up to six weeks if the intention is that the person who has been in hospital will then be able to go home and live independently again.

Sometimes, the decision is made to stay in permanent care as it is a more enjoyable experience than going home – I have known clients who could return home, but prefer the companionship and security of living in care. For others, it is just a ‘step-down’. Whatever the reason for the stay, it has to be a good thing to prevent so called ‘bed-blocking’ (see our earlier blog on this) and ensure that everyone who needs care and support gets it in the way that is the most appropriate for their needs.

If you or an elderly relative need advice regarding access to health or social care provision then contact me or a member of our Elderly Care Team.