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BRACE Conference

A big thank you to Mark Poarch and his team at  BRACE for the fantastic conference held in Bristol on 3 November. The event was chaired by Martyn Lewis who spoke movingly about his own experience of seeing someone with dementia.

We heard from Pat Kehoe and Liz Coulthard about their research and their views on the science behind the headlines. Norman McNamara also told us about his inspiring Purple Angel scheme and Hilary Doxford about her role as a member of the World Dementia Council. Norman and Hilary were fascinating to listen to, particularly as they have both been diagnosed with dementia and their personal experiences were really heartening.

It was great to meet new people and see some familiar faces, and I was inspired by the number of people who are passionate about assisting those living with dementia – whether they are carers, medical professionals or researchers. The work undertaken by BRACE is invaluable in the fight to understand dementia and also, potentially, to find a cure. Dementia – in all its forms – can be a devastating illness for the individual and their loved ones and any support given to this charity will ensure that it will be possible to continue their vital work.