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Appointed Challinors

If you have appointed Challinors or one of its solicitors as an executor in your Will

If you have appointed Challinors, one of its related practices (see below) or an individual solicitor as an executor in your Will we strongly recommend that you replace them, so it is clear who will be acting in the administration of your estate. This will avoid problems and delays in the winding up of your estate after your death.

Clarke Willmott LLP hold Wills prepared by Challinors but we are not a successor practice to them. This means that we can not act as executor or trustee for you unless you appoint us in that role.

As Challinors went into administration in 2013 any Wills made by them will be due for a periodic review and you should consider any other changes that should be made.

You may wish to make a new Will or, if the changes are small such as changing executors, a codicil may be more appropriate. For more information about reviewing your Will and the things you should consider, please visit our making a Will page.

If you need more information in relation to your documents you can complete this form or you can contact us on It is important that you include full contact details, names and addresses and confirm what documents you think we should now have for you, so that we can deal with your enquiry promptly.

Which firms made up Challinors?

  • Cartwright and Lewis
  • Challinors Lyon Clark
  • Challinors Roberts Cooksey
  • Colin Langley and Smith
  • Hall Pratt and Pritchard
  • Lyon Clark
  • James Beauchamp
  • Jordan Turner
  • Roberts Cooksey
  • Rosleys
  • Sheltons
  • Stannard and Co
  • White and Billingham

If your Will appoints any of these practices as executors we strongly recommend that you replace them with new executors to avoid problems arising after your death.

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