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TikTok on work devices

In this article, Paula Squire looks at the topical data protection issue of allowing TikTok on your work email devices.

Cybersecurity is as much a HR issue as it is for your IT departments. Whilst you may be pleased that you finally updated your Employee and Candidate Privacy Notices to reflect the UK GDPR and Brexit changes (or if you haven’t, do get in touch!) there are always new developments to keep an eye on.

Social media platform TikTok is not just for your kids or a late night scroll, but can be a popular app added to work phones. Interestingly, the UK Government took the decision recently to remove this social media platform from all work devices due to fears that sensitive data can be accessed by Chinese authorities. While TikTok has strongly denied this allegation, it is now a question for all businesses whether they will do the same.

As you will know, all businesses have a responsibility to ensure data protection and security. With apps collecting data from work devices, will you follow suit?

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If you have any questions about this topic, please do get in touch. Paula is a Partner and has been with the Clarke Willmott Employment team for nine years, specialising in employment law and human resources advice.


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