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Make better informed recruitment decisions this year

With the average cost of replacing a senior manager now being estimated at £10,000 you cannot afford to make a wrong decision when recruiting. You need to ensure that you have as much information as possible on your candidates in order for you to make the best informed decisions on whom to employ in your business. Why not introduce the use of psychometric tests as part of your recruitment process to reduce the risk of getting it wrong?

What are Psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests attempt to objectively measure aspects of a person’s mental ability or personality. They are often used in recruitment practice, as part of the selection process, to help assess or predict how candidates might behave in the working environment.

Why use Occupational Personality Profiling?

The occupational personality reports gained from conducting psychometric tests can quickly provide a great deal of fairly accurate information on a candidate and how they might behave in the working environment that might otherwise take you days to be able to assess.

Benefits of implementing Psychometrics Tests

  • Gives you the information you need to help you employ the right people from the start, which will improve your employee retention rate and reduce your recruitment costs – wins all round!
  • More accurately matches the candidates skills and behaviours to the requirements of the job to help you decide which candidate will perform best
  • Ensures that you are well aware of the candidates strengths and weaknesses from the start so that you know what you can expect from day 1
  • Improves the professionalism of your recruitment processes and formalises the structure of interviews

How can we help you?

As part of our combined HR and Employment Law Consultancy Team we can provide a fully qualified Psychometric Occupational Ability Tester to conduct tests for you as part of your recruitment process.

  • Simple remote on-line set up by our HR Consultant
  • Remote on-line completion of the test in the candidates own time – no need for them to attend your offices to complete them or take up your time
  • Face to face feedback session with our HR Consultant and each candidate in your offices focused on what behaviours and are important to you and your business
  • Personalised candidate report for them to take away
  • Face to face feedback with our HR Consultant and the Recruiting Manager in your offices on each candidate with a breakdown of likely strengths and weaknesses and behaviours in the workplace
  • Comprehensive choice of detailed reports covering areas such as leadership and team styles and development needs

The above package starts from as little as £465 + VAT per candidate*. Money well spent if it helps prevent you from making a wrong recruitment decision.

* Prices will vary according to what reports you choose and the location of the interviews.

To find out more about using psychometric tests as part of your recruitment process and for a no-obligation consultation for your recruitment project, call our Head of HR Consultancy Bex Sinclair on 0345 209 1831.

Psychometric tests should not be used in isolation or solely replied upon to make recruitment decisions. They should form part of a thorough recruitment and selection process. Our HR Consultancy team can also help in designing a thorough recruitment process for you from drafting job descriptions to liaising with recruitment agencies and providing structured interview questions for the Recruiting Managers. If we can help with any of these aspects please give us a call on 0345 209 1831.