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Do you know your “pokes” from your “tweets”?!

We are working with the ‘Google’ generation and social networking is an ever increasing phenomenon.

Given the recent growth in the use of social media – Facebook, Linked In, MySpace, Bebo, Twitter and the like, protecting the reputation of an organisation has never been more prevalent.  Disclosure of confidential information, damage to the reputation of the business and the risk of being held vicariously liable for the actions of your staff are just 3 areas of concern for a business where employees are using social media.

That said, it has its benefits and provided sensible HR and employment practices are introduced to manage social media in the workplace, it doesn’t have to be something to be fearful of.


Whilst useful in some aspects of a business, social media can be damaging if misused and abused by employees. So what if an employee ‘pokes’ the wrong person or ‘tweets’ a defamatory statement… follow our top five practical tips to managing social media in the workplace:

  1. Introduce a policy on the use of social media by employees
  2. Communicate a clear message on what employees may or may not be able to exchange via social media
  3. Co-ordinate your organisation’s use of social media
  4. Update your disciplinary procedure
  5. Don’t be fearful of it