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Dark nights don’t necessarily mean dark days

Now that the clocks have gone back, many of us are finding ourselves traveling to and from work in the dark. But dark nights don’t necessarily mean dark days, as we share with you our top 5 tips for keeping your employees motivated at work.

First things first though, why should we motivate our workforce? Well, the success of any business depends on delivering products and services that meet customer expectations. Motivated and committed employees will strive to improve the quality and quantity of their output, in turn improving the business. Higher motivation levels can also lead to increased staff retention and reduced recruitment costs, higher levels of productivity, greater innovation and creativity, a better reputation and in many cases, higher profits.

Many employers think that taking action to motivate employees and keeping them motivated is one of the most difficult tasks faced by businesses. This doesn’t have to be the case as small actions can make big differences:

  1. Engage – people are motivated by feeling part of the business and contributing to its goals. Involve employees in decision making where possible and ensure performance targets are in line with business aims so that the employee can see where they fit and how they make a difference.
  2. Encourage – where possible, allow employees to be creative in their jobs. Operating an ‘open door’ culture means that one day, an employee could stick their head into your office with a brilliant idea.
  3. Invest – review the training needs of your employees. Sending an employee on a training course can not only equip them with the knowledge and skills to do a job well but can also make them feel that you have invested in them for the future.
  4. Communicate – let your staff know what is going on in the business and remember that upward communication is just as important as downward communication, so ask for feedback and suggestions and listen to your employees.
  5. Recognise and reward – recognising when someone has gone above and beyond and offering small rewards such as book tokens and coffee vouchers is not only a great way to thank an employee but it also reinforces the expectations of your business.