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Areal view of Hinkley Point C - image courtesy of EDF Energy.

Clarke Willmott join the Sizewell C Consortium

Dale Edwards, our Green Energy Strategic Consultant, shares his thoughts on why the firm is supportive of the Sizewell C Consortium initiative.

The Sizewell C Consortium is a campaigning vehicle to help articulate the economic opportunity and growth that the project can bring to Britain. In a short space of time many high profile and respected businesses across the UK along with trade unions and organisations have signalled their support. Clarke Willmott are delighted to have joined the growing voice and become members.

Sizewell C not just about helping to take control of the UK’s low carbon energy transition but also the future of British jobs, industry, and opportunities. The project is very much in line with the UK Government’s political priorities and agenda about NetZero2050 and ‘levelling up’ the regions across the country. Most importantly it is a pre-packed infrastructure project, ready to kick start the green economic recovery.

Nuclear power is essential for meeting the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction target along with having a reliable load base. Whilst it is estimated by 2050 that 60% of the UK’s clean energy will come from renewable sources, unless we can adapt to depending on variable wind and solar along with commercially viable innovations in carbon capture and storage, nuclear energy will remain a vital ingredient to the UK energy mix. Currently, there are 15 nuclear power plants operating across eight sites in the UK providing circa 20% of the UK energy mix. However, some of these plants will be decommissioned in the coming years. We need to ensure that Sizewell C and other planned new nuclear power plants proceed.

The economic benefits that Hinkley Point C (HPC) has already provided, not forgetting future opportunities can be replicated in Suffolk including creating 1000 apprenticeships and 25,000 job opportunities, particularly when the UK economy had been hit by the effects of COVID-19.

Clarke Willmott has been involved in the nuclear industry since 2010 and have developed a strong reputation proudly supporting the construction of HPC, acting on an ongoing basis for principal site operations and construction contractors. As a firm, we are looking forward to supporting businesses involved in the proposed construction of Sizewell C having built considerable experience providing practical advice to bridge any legal or contractual obstacles, bringing in experienced and relevant experts from the business when required.

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London, Birmingham, Southampton and Taunton
Priscilla has approaching 30 years’ experience advising on high value and complex transactions for a broad range of clients. She is also on the firm’s management board and Sector Head of the firm’s Green Energy practice.
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