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Electric scooter

E-scooters causing serious injuries

A few weeks ago we discussed the rules surrounding e-scooters and their use on the road.

It seems that many people remain unaware of the rules and only in Government approved rental schemes can they be used on the road.

However, police in Slough are saying that it seems to be the case that many people using e-scooters have no idea what the rules are. Last month, they issued warning letters to 32 riders, most of which were people using their e-scooter outside of the approved rental scheme. The police reported that warning letters were used as many people were unaware of the rules, but they added that if they breach the rules again then enforcement action would be taken which could include a fine or points on their driving licence.

This comes at the same time as some lawyers are seeing a dramatic increase in claims for people injured by riders of e-scooters. Since last summer when the trial of rental e-scooters commenced in six London boroughs, some estimates suggest there have been 70 injuries, some of them serious.

Philip Edwards, a serious injury expert at Clarke Willmott said:

There will clearly be many potential benefits of using e-scooters as a mode of transport in urban areas, but at the same time we must not ignore the dangers that they bring. These vehicles travel at speed, rental scheme ones often have some audible warning, but many e-scooters remain quiet as they approach, and there is no doubt that life changing injuries are being caused by these accidents. I would welcome a comprehensive national scheme to ensure that riders are aware of the rules, receive proper training and only use insured e-scooters. Through such a scheme we will see riders have the skills they need to reduce the number of accidents caused.


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