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It was also heartening to receive an email this week from Stephen Searle regarding Stage 2 and the Court application to obtain the trial bundle in January 2022. So fingers firmly crossed on a just and positive outcome for all involved.

Lastly may I again take this opportunity to thank you for your unwavering support throughout this traumatic experience.


The next day feels as good as yesterday. Thanks for yours and your teams hard work on this case.

On our own we don’t have a voice. Together with professional guidance we have a chance. I understand it’s a long road ahead but I feel better stronger and believed.


Your pension mis-selling questions answered

How do I know if I’ve been mis-sold a pension?

Pension transfers can be lucrative business and some unscrupulous companies have been cashing in by persuading people to release their money from the safety of a company pension or savings.

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, please get in touch with our pension transfer mis-selling specialists now.

  1. Did you respond to an advert for a free pension review or were you cold-called or approached at an event?
  2. Are you unsure whether the adviser was qualified and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)?
  3. At the review, did they spend more time persuading than asking about your personal circumstances and needs?
  4. Did they show little interest in your personal attitude to risk or your understanding of how these investments may perform?
  5. Did the promised investment returns sound almost too good to be true?
  6. Did they fail to explain or underplay the benefits you would lose by moving your company pension or savings into a SIPP or similar?
  7. Did they claim the opportunity was only available for a limited time or lots of people like you were acting on their advice?
  8. Were they quick to invest your money once you had transferred your pension and / or savings into a SIPP or similar?
  9. Are you now having trouble getting hold of them?
  10. Have they since gone out of business?

How can I be sure the pension transfer advice I received was poor?

Not all pension transfers advice is poor or negligent and therein lies the problem. Without a detailed understanding of pensions and investments, it’s almost impossible to tell what good advice is and what is bad. Also, pension transfers are promoted as long-term pension investments, so it could be several years before you realise something is wrong.

Our pension mis-selling specialists include qualified financial planners with a keen eye for spotting those advisers who may not be acting in your best interests.

Is it always wrong to transfer out of a company pension scheme?

Not every pension transfer has been mis-sold. There are some good reasons to transfer out of a final salary pension and a decent financial adviser would have thoroughly explained these reasons to you, until you were confident you understood the reasons why.

For many people though transferring out of a company pension scheme is not the right thing to do. With a company pension your employer carries the risk of ensuring your pension pot grows sufficiently to pay you an income when you retire. In any form of personal pension, this risk sits with you. So, if the investments you have agreed to don’t grow sufficiently, you will have a smaller pot to fund your retirement.

How will I pay for my pension mis-selling claim?

We offer two ways to pay for a pension transfer mis-selling claim:

  1. No win no fee – you pay nothing upfront and only pay us if you get compensation
  2. Fixed fee paid upfront

How do I begin a compensation claim for poor pension transfer advice?

  1. Request a copy of your file from your adviser
  2. Ask for a breakdown of fees you have paid and the fees to be paid for the transfer and investment of your pension money
  3. Don’t delay. Seek professional advice. We represent individuals and groups of employees.

Contact our pension mis-selling specialists today

Our specialist financial mis-selling solicitors based in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, London, Manchester, Taunton and Southampton are ready to discuss your case.

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Philippa Hann - Partner - Financial Services Litigation - Clarke Willmott Bristol

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Partner/Managing Director

Bristol, Southampton and Taunton

Philippa is a Partner in the Financial Services Litigation team specialising in investment product mis-selling claims and negligent investment advice.

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Laura Robinson

Laura Robinson (née Hazell) email-alt

Partner/Team Manager


Laura is a Partner in Clarke Willmott's Bristol Financial Services Litigation team specialising in pensions and tax mitigation.

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Stephen Searle photo, Partner Financial Services Litigation

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Partner/Team Leader


Stephen Searle is a partner in Clarke Willmott solicitors' Bristol Financial Services Litigation team specialising in professional negligence disputes.

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