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Case study: Clarke Willmott receive £16,000 in compensation for client

Our Medical Negligence team recently acted on behalf of a client, know as AA, after a foreign body was discovered in her abdomen

AA had undergone a number of surgeries in the past. Over the years she had suffered from significant ongoing problems, the cause of which could not be identified. In 2018 AA had a CT scan done which showed a possible foreign body in her abdomen. It was unclear which surgery the foreign body had come from, or even what the foreign body was however it was noted to be approximately 2cm and of metallic origin.

AA continued to experience pain and discomfort, and in 2021 she had a painful lump near her waist. The lump grew and turned into an abscess which had to be drained. The abscess was attributed to the foreign body. AA is currently waiting to see if the foreign body can be removed, although she has been advised this will be a very difficult surgery, however without the foreign body being removed, AA is at risk of suffering further complications and ongoing pain and discomfort.

Leaving a foreign body inside someone is a ‘never event’ and unsurprisingly this was a case that the Defendant was keen to settle. AA received £16,000 in compensation. This would have been a higher figure however we could not show that she would definitely undergo removal of the foreign body as the surgery would be extremely challenging.

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