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Lily Knott (李永利)

China Business Operations Manager

Home office: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, London, Manchester, Southampton and Taunton
Lily Knott - China Counsellor - Clarke Willmott solicitors

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Lily is the firm’s China Business Operations Manager. She has qualified as a Notary/legal adviser for the provincial government in China before joining Clarke Willmott. She obtained her MS at law at Chongqing Political and Law university and M Phil degree in International law at Birmingham University in 2006 and stayed on following her studies.

Lily joined the firm in 2007 and has worked as the firm’s China Counsellor since then. Her role involves liaising with our Chinese clients and business contacts in both China and the UK in order to develop business opportunities and ensure that our China related clients receive advice and support in a way that is tailored and appropriate to them.

Lily’s role is wide ranging but allows us to overcome any cultural or language related challenges that may arise for either our Chinese clients with their business and personal dealings in the UK, or for our UK based clients with their business dealings in China.

Lily has developed an extensive network of contacts in both the Chinese business community in the UK as well as in the Chinese legal profession who provide services to UK based clients with their dealings in China.

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