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Alexandra Loxton

Chartered Legal Executive (Senior Associate)

Home office: Birmingham
Pronouns: She/Her
Alexandra Loxton - Chartered Legal Executive - Housing Management

Alexandra Loxton

Alex assists social housing providers to reach practical and robust solutions to a wide range of housing law and tenancy issues including in possession claims, injunction applications and disrepair matters.

Alex fully qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive in 2007 but has over 20 years of experience in advising on and supporting Social Housing providers with housing management and litigation issues.

Prior to qualification Alex worked at Birmingham County Court giving her an excellent understanding of the Court process and rules, which she still applies in her legal practice today.

Alex is known for her practical legal advice and her robust approach in litigation. Alex is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.

How Alex can help you

Alex advises on a wide range of housing management and tenancy enforcement issues. She has a wealth of experience in advising on possession claims based on various grounds including anti-social behaviour, failed succession, rent arrears and other tenancy breaches. Alex can also assist with Equality Act and PSED Defences brought by tenant’s to claims issued as well as matters where the tenant may face a lack of capacity to litigate.

Alex also deals widely with Injunction application both in relation to anti-social behaviour and other tenancy breaches. She also deals with contempt applications where such injunction orders are breached.

Alex has extensive experience of dealing with all aspects of housing condition claims, dealing with matters from pre-action through to fully defended Trials.

Alex also enjoys providing training to clients on a wide range of topics including the issue of possession proceedings, rent possession advocacy for housing officers, the drafting of Notice and witness statements and disrepair.


  • Alex provided extensive pre-issue advice on a complex ASB matter where the Defendant lacked capacity due to a serious mental health condition. It was clear that the Defendant needed much more supported accommodation than the general needs Social Landlord was able to provide. Alex advised the client through the steps to be taken prior to issue including taking a coordinated and multi-agency approach and obtaining the relevant evidence as to the lack of capacity to litigate. Sadly the support agencies were unwilling to engage until Court proceedings were issued. Once possession proceedings were issued, Alex guided the client through the process of appointing a Litigation Friend. The proceedings resulted in the Defendant receiving 24 hour care support, being rehoused into fully supported accommodation by the Local Authority and the Defendant having a better quality for life. The landlord was able to forge better links with the support agencies involved and have a better working relationship going forward.
  • Alex advised on the issue of Injunction proceedings to exclude a non-tenant, with significant links to an organised crime group, from a locality. This required sensitive handling of the personal details of not only the witnesses to the Injunction but also of the landlord’s staff and the legal advisors dealing with the matter. Careful consideration needed to be given around service of the papers and attendance at Court due to safety risks. Good links with the local Police had to be maintained and a joined-up approach taken. An Injunction and Power of Arrest was successfully obtained.
  • Alex took a robust approach on approach on a spurious disrepair matter and challenged the tenant’s experts findings, obtaining an Order from the Court that the expert was to attend Trial to give oral evidence. A “drop hands” settlement was offered by the tenant’s solicitors and Alex advised that this should be rejected. The matter finally settled on discontinuance of the tenant’s claim with a full costs Order in favour of the landlord being obtained. Costs were not however paid and Alex provided further advice on enforcement options. Full payment of the costs Order was successfully secured.
  • Alex provided a full training programme over 4 full days for a Registered Provider client following a merger with another organisation. The aim of the training was to ensure a consistent approach across the organisation to all tenancy enforcement action and to ensure that the knowledge of all of the housing officers was up to date with all legal developments. The sessions were very well received, with feedback confirming that the sessions were in-depth but still very practical and easy to understand.

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