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Crystal clear legal fees for business immigration

Immigration issues are often complex, stressful and frustrating. We provide a broad spectrum service, however we do not however provide legal aid support or advise on asylum matters. We aim to make the process as smooth as possible for all parties involved, whether we are acting for a multinational corporation or an individual, we aim to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible. Our service is built around good communication, speed of response and sensible, practical solutions tailored to your needs, throughout every step of the process.

How much will it cost for an immigration visa application?

We recognise that immigration visa application cases are varied – with a range of circumstances and options to submit the application process, depending on the client’s timeframe and objectives.

Our work is based on the time it takes to prepare the application and to audit the supporting documentary evidence/advise on the process.

Before starting any work, we will discuss your requirements and take time to understand the background to the proposed application. This will allow us to give you an estimate of our legal fees.

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Examples of immigration visa application costs

Our pricing offers good value for the extensive service and experience we offer. To give you an idea of the costs involved, we have provided two case studies, and also detail our hourly rates below. We work extensively with Satinder Gill, a highly experienced business immigration barrister, to assist clients with the preparation of their business immigration applications.

Case study one – Application for a Skilled-Worker (Intra-Company Transfer) Visa Case study two – Application for naturalisation as a British Citizen
A multi-national Group with a parent company in the USA wishes to transfer one of its American senior executives to work in the UK, for its UK Group subsidiary, on a relatively short-term critical business project.

The Company already holds a valid Tier-A rated Skilled Worker (ICT) Sponsor Licence.

The Company requires assistance with the key following steps in the process:

Step 1:The initial application for a Certificate of Sponsorship for the proposed Intra-Company Transfer;

Step 2: Guidance and assistance with assigning the Certificate of Sponsorship to the sponsored migrant worker to allow them to submit an application for a Skilled-Worker (Intra-Company Transfer) visa;

Step 3: Support on the Skilled-Worker (Intra-Company Transfer) visa application comprising: guidance on preparing the application form, a review of the relevant supporting documentary evidence, addressing any final advised changes and/or additional information to place the application with the best prospects of success.

The legal fees for the project would be £5,000 plus VAT for the above work, excluding any UKVI/Home Office application fees or associated application charges (which are payable by the Company/applicant in addition).

A Chinese national who has held Indefinite Leave to Remain for a significant period wishes to apply for naturalisation as a British Citizen.

The client requires guidance on: the eligibility criteria, assistance preparing her application form, and an audit of the supporting document evidence before the application is submitted.

The fees for support throughout all of the steps of this project would be between £5,500 – £6,500 plus VAT depending on the total time incurred assisting the client. This excludes application fees payable to the Home Office and third parties.

We are happy to agree a fixed or capped fee for some matters. This offers greater cost certainty.

Our hourly charge rates are as follows (exclusive of VAT):

Status Hourly rate
Barrister £400
Partner £350
Senior Associate £280
Associate £250
Solicitor £175-200
Trainee Solicitor £165
Paralegals and other non-qualified staff £165

VAT & disbursements

Our fees and some disbursements are subject to VAT at 20%. Disbursements are charges payable in addition to our fees, normally to a third party. They can include fees payable to the Home Office, barristers, and/or translators. The amount charged for the disbursements depends upon a number of variables so we will be able to advise you of the correct charges when we have further information from you.

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