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We advise on all business immigration and high net worth (such as Tier 1 (Investor)) immigration issues, and provide a responsive and supportive service for visa applications, Sponsor Licence matters, and Right to Work in the UK support for employers and individuals. We provide a broad spectrum service, however we do not however provide legal aid support or advise on asylum matters.

How much will it cost to make an immigration application?

Our immigration advice includes a preliminary review of the applicant’s (or in the case of sponsored employment, the Company’s) circumstances, together with that of their dependant family members.

Before starting any chargeable work, we will establish the client’s aims and objectives to clarify the potential routes that may be open to them. This will allow us to give the client a meaningful estimate of our fees, clearly setting out what is and what is not included.

We frequently assist clients in the Far East. We have an in-house China Counsellor and fluent Mandarin speaker to assist with clarifying any aspect of our pricing structure.

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Example immigration cases

Our pricing offers good value for the extensive service and experience we offer. To give you an idea of the legal costs involved, we have provided two case studies. One is a more straightforward situation resolved promptly. The other more complex and involving further steps to resolve and conclude.

Tier 1 (Investor) application Company Sponsor Licence application

A high net-worth investor wishes to invest £2 million in UK qualifying investments. They are a Chinese national and wish to apply for a Tier 1 (Investor) visa to relocate to the UK, together with their dependent wife and dependent child.

Their longer term plan is to apply for a visa extension, and thereafter apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (being settled in the UK), and later naturalise as British citizens.

Stage 1: Full written advice on the Immigration Rules criteria and application procedure (including the supporting documentary evidence required) to apply for a Tier 1 (Investor) visa – our fees: £4,000 + VAT.

Stage 2: Subject to us confirming the applicant has prospects of success and prospects of satisfying the Immigration Rules, we will complete an audit of the application, advise on the supporting documentary evidence required, and review the evidence presented. We will advise on any additional documentary evidence that should be included to support the application or amendments required to the application form, ready for the UKVI’s review, and prepare a cover letter and any written submissions – our fees £4,000 – £5,000 + VAT for the main applicant + £1,000 + VAT per each dependant, depending on the complexity of their finances and personal circumstances.

Stage 3: Upon the initial Tier 1 (Investor) visa being granted – advice on the criteria for any extension application, and the qualifying conditions for Indefinite Leave to Remain – our fees: £3,000 + VAT.

A Company is experiencing difficulties filling a highly skilled vacancy, and has had to resort to recruiting from the global market given the niche area of expertise and skill set required.

The Company wishes to apply for a Tier 2 (General) Sponsor Licence, to permit it to apply to sponsor a foreign migrant to undertake sponsored employment for a highly skilled job within the UK.

Stage 1: A review of the Company’s business immigration recruitment needs with advice on the Sponsor Licence application process, identifying the potential routes available to them (Tier 2 (General) Sponsor Licence) and thereafter preparing written advice on the application procedure and mandatory supporting document evidence that would be required – our fees: £2,000 + VAT.

Stage 2: Subject to confirming that the Company has prospects of successfully satisfying the application criteria, we would undertake a full audit of the draft application, cover submissions, and supporting document evidence, advising on any final amendments or additional document evidence that must be included to ensure the application is placed with the best prospects of success – our fees: £2,500 + VAT.

Stage 3: The application is submitted and this triggers a discretionary Home Office inspection, where they wish to establish that the Company can be a trusted Sponsor, and to ensure that the Company has robust HR systems in place and complies with all employment law obligations, including undertaking comprehensive and compliant Right to Work in the UK checks for all staff. We assist the Company to respond promptly to these additional enquiries, on a time incurred basis – our fees: £1,600 + VAT.

Stage 4: The Sponsor Licence is granted and the Company later identifies a suitable foreign migrant candidate, having first conducted a thorough recruitment exercise through its usual agents. Due to the migrant’s circumstances and working location, the Company must apply for a Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship, and the Company also has to complete a compliant Resident Labour Market Test before it can apply to sponsor the worker. We advise throughout this process – our fees: £2,200 + VAT.

The prices are fixed fees. Additional support can be provided (charged on an hourly basis on the below rates) if the applicant would like us to attend any Super Premium Service meeting or UK Visas & Immigration interview.

VAT & disbursements

Our fees and some disbursements are subject to VAT at 20%. Disbursements are charges payable in addition to our fees, normally to a third party. They can include fees payable to the Land Registry, barristers or search providers. The amount charged for the disbursements depends upon a number of variables so we will be able to advise you of the correct charges when we have further information from you.


Any Home Office/UK Visas & Immigration application fee is payable in addition to our charges, and is non-refundable. The Home Office/UK Visas & Immigration charge application fees depending on the service level and turnaround time required. By illustrative example, we set out below the current application fees for a Tier 1 (Investor) and any dependent applicant:

  • Standard application by post – main applicant: £1,623;
  • Super Premium Service – £10,500 + £2,233 for each person applying, for UKVI to process the application within 24 hours and enrol biometric data at a venue of the applicant’s choice.

In addition, the Immigration Health Surcharge payable by each applicant is currently £200 per year of their visa, to access the public health services.

Business immigration solicitor or paralegal Hourly rate
Partner £270 – £300 + VAT
Senior Associates £220 + VAT
Associates £200 + VAT
Paralegals £100 + VAT

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