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How we work together

Initial contact

To help you understand how we can support you and your client, we are always happy to have an initial chat with you on the phone. We offer this as a pre-instruction outline and it is a complimentary service.

When you are ready to formally introduce a client to us you will need to complete a referral form. This form outlines the basis of your referral and also includes details of the referral fee arrangement. We will then establish if your client would like to be contacted by us directly, via telephone or email, or if they would prefer to be introduced by you through a meeting at either your office or ours.

There is usually no charge for meetings held before instructions are confirmed. We are also happy to spend a day at your office if you have a few clients you would like us to meet.

Ongoing involvement

Once the client has confirmed their instructions and provided any additional information needed, we will draft the required documents and send them to the client for review with full explanatory notes. We will ensure that your client feels comfortable in asking any questions as it is crucial that they fully understand the products and their implications.

With the client’s consent, as given in our confirmation of instructions, we will copy you in on all correspondence and emails so you are fully aware of the stage of the matter.


Once the matter has been completed, we will:

  • provide the client with a copy of the documents. We will retain the originals in our strong rooms at no extra charge;
  • contact the client periodically to ensure that the documents are up to date. Alterations to the documents may be needed following a change in the client’s circumstances; and
  • offer to attend an annual review meeting with the clients as part of our ongoing retainer.


Our national rates are applicable to all of our offices, including London. This means we can offer your clients a city service at a competitive price.

Our costs are transparent and we offer a fixed fee pricing structure. This allows you to discuss potential costs with your clients to ensure that they are comfortable with the fees before you approach us. Our typical packages and products are set out here.

Where a bespoke solution is required we will provide a fixed fee price in our engagement letter so that your clients are aware of the cost and value of our work for them.

Where it is not possible to quote a fixed fee, for instance because the work may involve input from other professionals or may change due to various decisions made during the course of the matter, we will provide an estimate based on our hourly rates. We will keep your client and you informed on the level of fees as the matter progresses.

Referral fee

We pay St. James’s Place a referral fee on the majority of instructions that we receive. This is typically 10% of our fee to the client. If you choose to waive the fee, our fee to the client will be discounted by the amount of the referral fee foregone.

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