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Probate and Estate Administration

Our knowledge of the St. James’s Place lifetime products sets us apart from other solicitors. We understand which products are likely to be relevant for your client’s estate and how they can be of most benefit to the next generation.

Probate (if a person dies with a Will) or Administration (if a person dies without a Will) is not always necessary. When you first contact us following the death of a client we will help you identify which service, if any, is required and offer you advice on the next steps.

Probate services

Assisting families through the probate process necessarily involves investigating all aspects of a person’s life. Where relevant, we work closely with other colleagues within Clarke Willmott (Property, Family, and Agricultural) together with other professionals to ensure that your client receives the most appropriate advice.

Our probate services can be tailored to your client’s needs and may include:

  • Initial advice following a bereavement.
  • Identifying the deceased’s assets and liabilities.
  • Applying for Grants of Probate/Administration.
  • Drafting the relevant HM Revenue & Customs inheritance tax account to claim all relevant tax reliefs and distributing the estate and accounting to each beneficiary.
  • Cross-border estate administration including assets in multiple jurisdictions and obtaining grants for deceased non-UK domiciliaries with UK assets.

Our in-depth understanding of SJP products also allows us to avoid a liquidation of investments, an option which may be suggested by advisers who are less familiar with your services.

Inheritance tax

We are experts in negotiating with HM Revenue & Customs to minimise the amount of inheritance tax that is to be paid and we can also advise on post death variations of the Will to maximise the value of the estate and tax savings.

For non-taxable estates we can also provide a fixed fee ‘grant only’ service. This is suitable for families who are happy to do most of the work themselves but seek the efficiency and expertise of a solicitor to apply for the Grant of Probate for them.

Further information on our probate and estate administration services can be downloaded here.

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