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Lifetime tax and succession planning

We can ensure that the transfer of wealth from generation to generation is effective, tax efficient and focussed on protecting long-term family prosperity. We can provide advice on all aspects of lifetime planning ensuring that your client’s loved ones are cared for, their assets are passed on efficiently, and tax is minimised.

Tax planning

We advise on all aspects of UK taxation including capital gains tax, income tax and inheritance tax planning, as well as tax matters relating to commercial and property transactions, including disposal of land and property assets.

Here are just a few examples of what we can do for your clients:

  • Support family businesses with effective tax structuring
  • Maximise your clients’ agricultural property relief (APR), business property relief (BPR) or business asset disposal relief claims
  • Unlock the tax advantages of any charitable and philanthropic giving
  • Prevent multiple taxation of the same assets when your clients inherit funds from a loved one
  • Advise your clients on any specific HMRC enquiries and on overall tax compliance
  • Prepare income tax returns for individuals, trusts and estates
  • Plan for the impact of taxation on your client’s estates and stop the cascade of future taxation
  • The importance of succession planning
  • There’s a lot more to effective succession planning than simply making or updating Wills

Having the right structures in place can ensure your client’s estate delivers maximum benefit to their children, grandchildren, and any other beneficiaries, taking into account the needs of first and second families, where appropriate and protecting those who are vulnerable. We can help to ensure that your client’s assets are passed on in the best way using lifetime trusts for protection and tax mitigation purposes if appropriate to their circumstances.

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