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International planning

International mobility and multi-jurisdictional interests are realities of modern life for many of our clients. We have a strong international legal capability, assisting UK residents and non-residents, non-domiciled individuals, international families, investors, trustees and their advisers in numerous countries across the globe.

We act for clients who are based exclusively in the UK, overseas residents with assets here or family members with UK connections. They value our ability to consider their situation ‘in the round’ and to work closely with them, our colleagues across Clarke Willmott and our connections in other countries to find pragmatic solutions to even the most complex issues.

Cross-border tax planning specialists

Those with assets and investments in different countries, as well as ex-pats, non-doms, and foreign nationals living in the UK are all affected by international tax law.

Taking advantage of all the potential opportunities for tax efficiency while also remaining legally compliant is both complicated and time-consuming. And that’s where our in-depth technical knowledge really comes into its own.

Our team includes chartered tax advisers and members of STEP with specialist cross-border qualifications who can advise you on bespoke tax strategies.


Where an individual is domiciled can have crucial implications for their liability to pay tax, and for their investment, inheritance, estate and succession planning. Domicile can be difficult to determine, particularly if clients have complicated family histories or have been resident in several countries. Our specialists will identify your clients’ domicile for tax and succession purposes and provide them with a comprehensive domicile report.

Wills and lasting powers of attorney

Wills are essential for all clients but particularly so for those with assets across different jurisdictions. We can advise your international clients on the valid form of Will for them, the tax consequences of their wishes and how to improve tax efficiency, Brussels IV elections, and whether or not they should have a Will for each legal jurisdiction in which they own assets.

Lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) are also essential for your clients’ UK assets in case they become incapable in the future. We can advise whether your LPA will be effective in other countries, and what can be done to ensure that non-UK assets can be managed if your client becomes incapable.

Excluded property trusts

If your client is non-UK domiciled setting up an excluded property trust can protect their non-UK assets from inheritance tax if, in the future, they become domiciled here. Similarly, if a UK domiciled client inherits from a foreign domiciled relative, we can help set up an excluded property trust for them by a deed of variation of the relative’s Will ensuring that the assets in the trust are protected from inheritance tax.

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