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Making a Will

Everyone should make a Will.  None of us know what the future holds and so, whatever your age, it can be sensible to plan for what will happen to your assets after your death.

Whether you want to ensure your family are provided for, appoint guardians for your children, reward friendships or ensure that your assets pass to particular people, making a Will can provide peace of mind and prevent legal problems for your family later on.

Many people misunderstand what will happen if they die without making a Will.  They assume that their property will automatically pass to their partner. This may not be the case – particularly so if you are not married or in a civil partnership and want your assets to pass to the person that you are living with.

Dying intestate (i.e. dying without a Will) may also mean that more tax is paid on your death than would have been the case had their been a Will. Will disputes may also be avoided through a carefully drafted Will.

How Clarke Willmott can help

We can advise on the best way to ensure your wishes are met and your family properly provided for.  From first interview to signing your Will, our experienced and friendly solicitors will put you at ease and explain what is involved in plain English.

Our specialist Wills solicitors are experienced in using Wills and trusts for complex inheritance planning, asset protection and tax mitigation.  We often advise on the following types of Wills:

  • Asset protection Wills – these Wills are designed to protect your property and assets against claims from 3rd parties which means your beneficiaries will receive the maximum benefit from your estate.
  • Next Generation Protection Wills – these Wills ensure that married couples (or people in a civil partnership) can protect their children’s inheritance from 3rd party claims such as bankruptcy, divorce and taxation.
  • Family Protection Wills – these are a combination of our Asset Protection and Next Generation Wills providing asset protection for each generation of the family.
  • Second marriage Wills – designed for couples in second marriages, following the death of their earlier spouse or partner. These Wills ensure that assets pass to specified beneficiaries, who are often children from the earlier marriage or civil partnership.
  • Exempt assets inheritance tax plan – these Wills contain trust provisions which take full advantage of the inheritance tax reliefs available for certain business and/or agricultural assets. Elements from our Next Generation, Asset Protection and Family Protection Wills can also be added to this type of
  • Property Fragmentation Willsthese Wills can enable you to reduce inheritance tax by placing part of a property into a trust. Elements of our Asset Protection, Next Generation and Family Protection Wills can also be included in this type of Will.
  • Foreign property Wills – we have a wealth of experience in drawing up Wills for clients who hold foreign property. A network of specialists across the world to ensure that the overseas aspects of your estate are properly dealt with.

Not sure which Will is right for you? Read our helpful ‘Which Wills do we need?’ flowchart or contact a specialist Wills solicitor.


Clarke Willmott (through Clarke Willmott Trust Corporation Limited) can act as executor of your Will. This can avoid the costs and inconvenience of replacing an individual if they fall ill or die.  Acting with a family member it can provide an independent and impartial voice to the process of winding up an estate.

So don’t delay any longer.  Contact us now for more information on making a Will to protect your family and maximise the value of your estate.

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For advice about writing a Will, contact one of our specialist Wills solicitors on 0800 652 8025 or contact us online. We have offices in Manchester, London, Bristol, Cardiff, Southampton, Taunton and Birmingham.