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Living Wills and advance decisions

What is a Living Will?

Many of us have clear ideas as to how we would wish to be treated and cared for in the event of future illness or serious injury. These might include certain medical treatments or procedures that we would not want to receive.  Far fewer of us take active steps to formalise these wishes in writing.

Making a Living Will (which is now called Advance Decisions enables you to decide how you would like to be treated or cared for, in the event that you lose capacity to make those decisions in the future.

An Advance Decisions document can set out:

  • Those circumstances in which you would want to refuse certain listed treatments
  • The person or people that you would want to be involved in making decisions on your behalf
  • The treatments that you would prefer.

Alternatively, if you want to nominate specific people to make decisions on your behalf then you could consider putting in place a Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare.

We can also provide advice and assistance in relation to any disputes where an individual has made an Advance Decision and now lacks mental capacity to consent or refuse to particular treatment, but the validity of the Advance Decision is being challenged by a medical practitioner who considers that the treatment needs to be provided.

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