Fatal injury compensation claims

Fatal injury compensation claims

When a loved one dies suddenly and unexpectedly as the result of a fatal accident, your life and the lives of family and friends can be turned upside down. As well as dealing with your emotional response, there will also be plenty of issues to contend with, particularly where there are formal investigations into the cause of death. The stress of dealing with financial and practical issues whilst grieving and coming to terms with your loss can seem overwhelming.

It might be that amongst the first things that you want are answers. How and why could this have happened? Many such incidents occur on the road, in crashes whether as a car driver, pedestrian, motorcyclist or cyclist. Accidents at work, through use of machinery, falls or through misuse of chemicals are equally traumatic. There will often be police investigations and possibly a criminal prosecution of those responsible for the fatal injury, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigations, coroner’s investigations and an inquest. These processes can seem impersonal and unfamiliar, but our expert injury lawyers will support you, explaining the process and obtaining all the necessary evidence so you can have a full understanding of what happened to your loved one. For more information on these investigations, please see our guide to coroner’s and inquests.

Making a claim after a fatal accident

Of course, there can also be financial implications following a death. Whether that is simply funeral expenses or significant concerns about potentially lifelong financial dependency on the person who has died, these worries can be very difficult to deal with. The law about what compensation can be claimed in this situation is complex but our specialist injury solicitors have significant experience and will guide you through the process. What can be claimed often depends on the age of the person who has died, whether that person had any children, the type of family relationships and the level of financial dependency. Our lawyers will be able to advise you fully about your entitlement to compensation following a fatal injury or accident.

Wherever possible, your lawyer will seek early interim payments of compensation in the hope of alleviating financial pressure. They will also work closely with expert colleagues to help with probate and estate issues.

Our lawyers operate across the country and where possible can visit you at home, or see you at any of our offices, to discuss your claim. Our specialist solicitors are experienced in dealing with fatal injury claims and will approach your case with sensitivity and determination to provide support to you. They will help to guide you through the process and to bring their legal expertise to bear in seeking to obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

Contact an injury solicitor

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